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科技在发展 可夹在衬衫上的袖珍相机

本文摘要:Ive been snapping photos of everything in front of me for the last week. If weve passed, even for a moment, I probably have a picture of your face.过去一周我仍然在抓拍经常出现我面前的每样东西。如果我们曾擦肩而过,哪怕就一瞬间,我也可能会有你的脸部照片。


Ive been snapping photos of everything in front of me for the last week. If weve passed, even for a moment, I probably have a picture of your face.过去一周我仍然在抓拍经常出现我面前的每样东西。如果我们曾擦肩而过,哪怕就一瞬间,我也可能会有你的脸部照片。

Im not a spy, but Ive been using gear you might associate with 007. New matchbook-size cameras that clip to your tie or shirt let you capture a days worth of encounters, then upload them to the Internet to be remembered forever.我并非间谍,但我的装备或许不会让你想起007。新式的火柴盒大小的照相机可垫在领带或衬衫上,让你需要抓拍有一点记录的瞬间,然后上载至互联网永久留存。Why on Earth would anybody want to do that? After trying out two devices that recently began shipping, the $279 Narrative Clip and $399 Autographer, I think the answer for many will be why wouldnt you?怎么会有人想要腊这种事?在试用了新近上市的279美元的Narrative Clip和399美元的Autographer两款设备之后,我想要对很多人来说,答案是为什么不呢?Yes, I took gigabytes of boring photos of me sitting in front of a computer at work. But when I took the tiny cameras hiking or hanging out with kids, they produced Instagram-worthy shots. (I also discovered surprising uses, like when I scanned my photo log to discover where Id misplaced my watch.)到底,我拍电影了大量自己躺在电脑前工作的无趣照片。

但当我步行或和孩子们出去玩的时候,这些袖珍互为机会拍得很合适共享到Instagram的快照。(我还找到了车祸的妙用,比如通过检索照片记录来找到我把手表丢在了哪里。)Wearable cameras are a potential solution to the growing annoyance of people holding their phones in front of their faces throughout birthday parties, concerts and other important moments, instead of just living them.在生日聚会、音乐会及其他最重要场合,人们总是把手机举在面前四处拍电影,而不懂享用当下,这样的不道德更加令人讨厌。可穿着照相机也许是很好的解决办法。

But theres a cost to amassing so much photographic evidence. The tiny cameras made others uncomfortable when they found out they were being recorded. Some friends wouldnt hug me; gossiping colleagues kept asking, Is that thing on? These devices upset a fundamental (though arguably flawed) assumption that even in public, you arent being recorded.但要累积充足多的照片也不是轻而易举的事。当人们找到袖珍照相机正在摄制自己时,不会深感很懊恼。一些朋友仍然亲吻我了;八卦的同事们总是问:“那玩意儿进着吗?”这类设备政治宣传了一个基本观念(虽然不一定准确):就算是在公开场合,随意拍电影人也是不应当的。

Makes you squirm, doesnt it? One reason I wanted to review these cameras is that this kind of technology isnt going away. Always on cameras are becoming popular in home electronics like the Xbox One and a new wave of streaming video security systems. Now you can buy cameras that attach to your wrist, ear, bike helmet and eyeglasses.让人不难受,对吧?我之所以想要对这种照相机公开发表评论的一个原因是此类技术于是以方兴未艾。“无间断”摄像头正在Xbox One等家用电子设备以及新一轮流媒体视频安全性系统产品中日益受到欢迎。现如今,你可以购买戴着在手腕和耳朵上、加装在自行车头盔和眼镜上的照相机了。

The two cameras I tested are meant for everyday use. On the surface, they seem very similar: plastic clip-ons that silently take photos and store them until you upload them to a phone or computer. They arrange the photos in a contact sheet on your phone and use software to highlight the most interesting shots, or give you a sped-up video of your day.我试用的这两款照相机是为日常用于设计的。其外观大同小异,都是可夹式塑料外壳,它们默默地照片并存储,直到你把照片上传遍手机或电脑里。它们把照片储存在手机的图片索引里,还不会用软件高亮最有意思的照片,或者较慢播出照片,以视频的形式把你的一天呈现出出来。

The Narrative is the least obtrusive. It could be easily mistaken for a tie clip. The Narrative has no buttons or screen, and just one function: It takes a photo of whatever is in front of it every 30 seconds, more than 2,000 a day, with quality comparable to the iPhone 4s camera.Narrative很不起眼,很更容易被误以为是领带夹。它没按键和显示屏,只有一个功能:间隔30秒拍到它面前的景象。一天下来就有多达2,000张照片,其画质堪比iPhone 4的摄像头。


A sensor makes sure the photos are always upright, no matter how the clip is oriented, while a GPS chip inside notes where you are each time it takes the photo. Tap on the Narrative twice and it will snap a photo right away.无论照相机正处于何种方位,它的感应器都会保证照片端正。同时,内置的GPS芯片不会记录每张照片的摄制地点。

倒数敲打两下,照相机就不会马上抓拍一张。The pricier Autographer is three times larger, making it flop over when I attached it to my shirt pocket. It packs a 5-megapixel camera with fisheye lens and five sensors -- including an accelerometer, compass and thermometer -- in order to take a picture when it thinks your surroundings have changed. It can use Bluetooth to transfer shots wirelessly to a phone or computer right away. All of this extra tech means the battery lasts about 10 hours, compared with the Narratives 30.Autographer价格较贵,比Narrative大三倍,垫在衬衫衣兜上不会伸长。它配备了一个500万像素的鱼眼镜头和五个传感器――其中还包括加快计、指南针和温度计――这使它能感官周遭环境变化,及时照片。

它还可通过蓝牙即时把快照无线传输到手机或电脑上。所有这些额外的技术配备意味著它的电池不能续航大约10小时,而Narrative是30小时。What are you supposed to do with all of those photos? More than 1,000 shots taken on my hike this Sunday werent worth keeping. But 15 were delightful, unposed shots of my friends and their kids at sunset. You cant get a 7-year-old kid to look that naturally happy with a regular camera pointing in his face, but the candid camera did. I could imagine taking one of these cameras to special events or on vacation.该怎么处置这么多照片呢?我周日步行途中有1000多张快照都没保有价值,但有15张十分拜,抓拍到了我朋友和他们的孩子在日落时分最大自然的瞬间。让一个七岁的孩子在普通镜头前展现出得如此快乐大方是不有可能的,但袖珍照相机做了。

我想要我会带上个袖珍照相机去类似活动或渡假的。Judging based on price, shape and battery life, the Narrative would seem to be the better product. But after using both cameras, I realized the Autographer was superior because its design better respected my interactions with friends and strangers alike.综合价格、外形和电池续航来看,Narrative看上去是更佳的产品。然而在试用过这两款照相机之后,我意识到Autographer更胜一筹,因为它的设计更佳地认同了我与朋友及陌生人之间的对话。Very few people noticed I was wearing the Narratives tiny clip. It made me feel like a creep for not disclosing to friends and people on the street that I was photographing them. It offers no indication its taking a picture and continues snapping away unless you turn it over or put it into a pocket (which you need to remember to do when you go to places like the toilet). After wearing it for a few days, I decided to tape a camera icon on it.只有很少几个人注意到了我戴着Narrative。


在戴着了几天之后,我要求给它张贴上一个照相机图标。The Autographer announces itself as a camera. Each time it snaps, a faint blue light flashes on its front. More important, its lens is highlighted by a bright yellow circle and has a rotating cover so everyone can see when it is and isnt watching.Autographer则不会标榜出有自己的照相机属性。


In short, Autographers design helps keep people from being jerks. The fisheye lens means you cant accidentally take head-on photos of people unless you are very close to their faces. Since the camera connects wirelessly to your phone, you can review your shots right away -- and delete shots if anybody asks. By default, Autographer only saves all your photos on your computer or phone rather than its own servers.简言之,Autographer的设计有助避免人们被偷拍。鱼眼镜头使你会无意间拍电影到别人的正脸,除非你离他们的面部十分将近。



All these concerns are rooted in civility. Theres nothing actually illegal about using one of these cameras in most venues in the U.S., outside of restrooms, casinos and other businesses that expressly forbid them.所有这些疑虑都是出于礼仪考虑到。除了洗手间、赌场及其他明文禁止照片的场所之外,在美国大部分场所用于这种照相机都没什么不合法的。Narratives Swedish creators say their clip wouldnt make a good spy camera because it isnt as small as the latest snoop gear and its 30-second automatic timer is too arbitrary. Also, their research found people who spotted it did generally understand that the device was a camera. If you want a camera to spy on your friends, we dont want you as a customer, company co-founder Oskar Kalmaru said, And we intentionally made the Narrative Clip bad for use in cases like that.Narrative的瑞典制造商称之为其产品并不是一款好的间谍照相机,因为它没近期的侦察装置小巧,并且30秒的自动计时器过于刻板了。同时他们的研究指出,注意到Narrative的人基本上都会认识到它是个照相机。

公司牵头创始人奥斯卡卡尔玛鲁(Oskar Kalmaru)说道:“如果你想一款照相机来侦察你的朋友,那我们并不期望你沦为我们的客户。我们是无意让Narrative Clip在这种情况下展现出不佳的。”The U.K.-based makers of Autographer take the extraordinary step of including an etiquette guide in its box, with suggestions like pause your image capture if you are in proximity to people you dont know for a long period of time.Autographer的英国制造商则更进一步,在包装盒内附上了一份礼仪指南,还包括诸如“若您长时间近距离认识不了解的人,请求停止摄制图像”这样的建议。

For me, wearing either camera meant I was constantly on guard, ready to turn it off if a situation became too private to capture.就我而言,戴着任何一款照相机都意味著我得时刻保持警惕,如果遇上了不应摄制的偷窥场景,要立刻把它开动。We might eventually get used to the idea that were being constantly watched, but for now I think a baseline rule ought to be some kind of notice: Im taking your photo.或许惜有一天我们不会习惯时刻被监控这个概念,但在现阶段我指出一个基本准则应该是某种告诉:我正在给你照片。

The experience made me realize we need a big public conversation about how to live with ubiquitous sensors. Part of that means developing criteria to judge technology beyond basic hardware or software design. Lets call it the relationship test: How does this piece of technology change not just my life, but how I interact with you?这两款照相机的体验使我意识到,我们必须一场公开发表大辩论,辩论如何去承受无处不在的传感器。这种辩论还意味著构成评判除基础软硬件设计之外的科技的标准,让我们称作“关系测试”吧:这项技术如何转变了我的生活以及我与你对话的方式?。



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